The TruBID represents a technological revolution in battery charging systems. While even the best systems before TruBID relied on the battery's electrical behavior to determine whether it was charged, the TruBID measures the actual specific gravity and dynamically adapts the charge cycle. With TruBID, there is no need to continually fine tune charger settings as operating conditions change and batteries age; it's all handled automatically and continuously. No more finding problems after they occur, with TruBID, they're simply never allowed to develop in the first place. In addition to this key breakthrough, TruBID includes control measures specifically tailored to opportunity charging.

  • Gravity based charge completion control
  • Limits 100% recharges to one per day
  • Limits equalize charges to one per week
  • Enhanced level sensing
  • Lifetime temperature and Ah recording
  • Cell fail alert
  • DataLink3 compatible
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